How are you on the scale from 1-10?

“If you are unsatisfied, let us know. If you are satisfied, let others know.” Many companies work by these (or similar) words, while knowing about customer experience is a key component in all business. Ratings and reviews about companies online can make a big difference in this context, for example on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

Until recently, company ratings on Facebook have been with stars on the scale from 1-5, where writing an accompanying review is optional. Users visiting the Facebook pages of companies can see an average rating and the last two written reviews, which can be either positive or negative.

As perceptive users have surely noticed, Facebook has now changed the system for user reviews on company pages. The new system is called “Reviews and Recommendations”. The star rating is gone, but previously given star ratings are nonetheless still visible. The biggest change is probably regarding recommendations, where Facebook now encourages users to recommend companies or inform them in which areas they can improve. By clicking the “Review” tab on the left side of a company page (or by clicking their rating) one gets the option to recommend a company. By clicking “yes,” a word cloud appears (actually only for selected companies so far) where different areas can be selected and recommended and similarly by clicking “no”, one can review the factors needing improvement. A review can also be written.

The problem is where this review goes. Most people would probably find it normal that the review would appear on the company page or under the review tab. This is not the case though, rather Facebook wants people to share these reviews, either with everyone (public) or with their friends. It has to be seen as unlikely that users are fond of this, since most modern users of social media are selective of the content that appears on their pages, especially younger generations.
The explanation for this is that Facebook is implementing a new rating for companies. Instead of the previously used star rating from 1-5 (originally planned to be 1-10 but that is nowhere to be seen now). This rating is not only based on feedback from customers, but also factors like responsiveness to messages. In this way, a company that only has good ratings from users can still get a bad average if they are slow to respond to messages and comments.

This change will undoubtedly continue evolving in the coming months and will be interesting to see whether this new way will help consumers to choose the companies they want to do business with.

 Engilbert Aron Kristjánsson Samfélagsmiðlafulltrúi Engilbert Aron Kristjánsson Social Media Specialist

Siggi Svans
Co-Founder & Head of Digital
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