Google Marketing Innovations Keynote

Earlier this month, Google held a conference to present all the latest additions to Google AdWords, Analytics and other Google products. The event was streamed live on YouTube and SAHARA was watching. We have summarized the main points, but the event can be seen in full at the bottom of this blog post.

Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

Sridhar Ramaswamy SVP of Ads & Commerce at Google opened the event. He covered the historic upcoming change regarding Google AdWords. Google is rebranding Google AdWords to Google Ads. Google Ads will therefore encompass Google Search, Google Display and Google Video (YouTube). What changes is the name, the logo, and the website will be This has no effect on the products themselves, it is only rebranding of the brand. This is a normal development since Google AdWords is not very descriptive for the diverse campaigns that can be run through various platforms. The change will take effect on 24 July 2018.

New possibilities for advertisers on YouTube

Nicky Rettke (Group Product Manager Video Ads YouTube) went through the importance of showing relevant ads to customers throughout the purchasing process. She summarised how YouTube plays a key role in the purchasing process for consumers. This is the reason why Nicky and her team presented a few innovations for YouTube ads:

  1. TrueView for reach – campaigns to increase brand awareness
  2. TrueView for action – banners with company logo below a video to get more clicks to website
  3. Maximize lift bidding (brand considerations) – Google uses machine learning to reach users that are more likely to show interest in the brand and to do business with a company.

Machine learning plays an even bigger role in Google Ads

AI will play a bigger role in keyword campaigns in Google Ads. AI can already be used in Google Ads with ad rotation and smart bidding. As an example, three ads can be written for an ad group and Google will (over time) automatically show the ad that works best. A new addition is “Responsive search ads”.
This option allows users to write several headlines and descriptions for ads. Google Ads then arranges the ads together as best fits for any given search query. These ad versions will also include three headlines and 90 characters descriptions. They will therefore be bigger than the traditional ads and as such be more likely to get clicks.
It will be interesting to test these innovations in the coming days and we will continue following the latest developments at Google.

Siggi Svans
Co-Founder & Head of Digital
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