4 Reasons for using Google AdWords

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is an advertising media from Google where companies can advertise to clients in the moments when they are searching for products or services. With Google AdWords, companies can advertise to a well-defined target audience and pay only when people click an ad. Here are four good reasons why companies get better performance in online marketing by using Google AdWords campaigns.

1. Google Adwords increases traffic and online sales

A properly set up Google AdWords campaign increases the traffic to a company website. Not only that, but a well targeted campaign increases quality traffic and leads. The reason is that the user is looking for the product or service that the company is selling. Therefore, there is a good chance that a user visiting the website through an AdWords campaign will convert.

2. Speed of success

The success of a good Google AdWords campaign can be felt quickly. After the campaign launch, there will already be increased traffic to the website. Because you can buy your way to the top on Google. This method is much faster than traditional SEO, but of course you pay for each click. Therefore, it is recommended to set up a campaign when SEO has yet to kick in.

3. Measurable performance

By setting up a Google AdWords campaign, it is possible to measure the traffic that comes to the website. It is also possible to analyse the campaign performance and decide whether to continue it, increase the budget or optimise the campaign. By linking AdWords to Google Analytics, we can see how many sales the campaign generates.

4. No visits, no payment

If no one visits the website, you do not pay. You simply pay when someone clicks the ad. In this way you can control how much you invest in media spend on Google. You can start with a small budget and gradually increase it alongside improved results.

Siggi Svans
Co-Founder & Head of Digital
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